tea tasting New Delhi

India is one of the biggest producers of teas and grows numerous varieties of teas in different parts. As such, tea tasting in New Delhi is one of the more educational as well as enjoyable activities for all tea lovers. These tea tasting sessions are arranged on request and led by the best tea sommeliers in the city which have been in this profession for decades. The participants can taste various types of teas from different parts of the world and learn about procedures of proper tea making, growing, health benefits, appreciating different flavours and various other aspects of this wonderful drink. Depeding upon your interest, you can ask for any of the following tea tasting class:

1 Hour Tea Tasting

  • DURATION : 1 hour.
  • NUMBER OF TEAS: 4 to 6.
  • COST: INR 2000 per participant.

2 Hours Tea Tasting

  • DURATION : 2 hours.
  • NUMBER OF TEAS: 8 to 10.
  • COST: INR 4500 per participant.


  • These tea tasting classes can be combined with certain food tours and photo tours.
  • Meet up point is Connaught Place. Transport with pickup and drop can be arranged on request.